Feeling Sweet or Savoury?

In Brittany, where our founder Mathieu Verger was born and raised, the art of the Crêpe is sacred! The taste of the Crêpe alone comes first. We always use 2 very different batters for our sweet and savoury delicacies. There is no such thing as a universal batter for sweet and savoury toppings.

Sweet Crepes

The sweet are made with the batter for Crêpes, made of traditional pancake ingredients and subtle hint of vanilla. We are dedicated to offer the best of our traditions.

Where thin-ness is a religion! A very thin piece of art cooked at high temperatures. In Crêpe School you learn that you can’t cook a good crêpe under 210ºC! Crispy on the edge, soft in the middle, and no compromise on the quality of the fresh ingredients or fillings… only the best! So our batters are, of course, made from scratch. This also means that we can adapt our recipes to suit all dietary requirements.

Crepe Menu

Our most popular menu has been tested hundreds of times during festivals, balls, weddings or big parties. These are our most popular toppings and the menu is simple enough for the guests to choose quickly and for the crêpiers to take the order and cook fast. The result? Less queues, happy faces and more tasty crêpes for everyone.

  • Butter & Sugar
  • Sugar & Lemon
  • Nutella
  • Belgian chocolate chips (dark, milk, white)
  • Homemade Salted Butter Caramel

If you want a more elaborate sweet menu we can offer:

  • Fresh bananas
  • Fresh strawberries
  • Chantilly cream
  • Maple syrup

We can of course add any toppings on demand at an additional charge.

It is possible to make any sweet pancake using the wheat-free buckwheat flour batter, which is also vegan. As all pancakes are freshly made, please just ask for this when you place your order or organise your event.

Savoury Galettes

The savoury Galettes are made of 100% buckwheat flour We are dedicated to offer the best of our traditions.

Yes we do Galettes! Not savoury Crêpes. The traditional savoury pancake made with 100% organic buckwheat flour. Naturally dairy- and gluten-free, our toppings are are added when you order with suitable options vegetarians and vegans. In the recipe, only buckwheat flour, water and a little pinch of salt. Very simple but when it is as well prepared as ours, it is nutty and crispy and perfectly complements all the savoury ingredients and even some of the sweet ones… a unique taste of Brittany for food lovers!

The only non-local ingredient of ours is the buckwheat flour, which comes from a specialist mill in Brittany. At MasterCrêpes we are the galette specialists! We definitely love them and the customers too. Luckily we never have to make special trips just for the flour – our founder’s family just so happens to live next door to the mill!

Galettes Menu

For your event we come with a simple Galette menu. These are our best selling toppings and the Galettes come folded in a paper cone and topped with the MasterCrêpes signature: the golden crispy cheese crown!

  • Ham or Bacon & Cheese
  • Baby-leaf Spinach, Mushrooms & Cheese (V)
  • Ham or Bacon, Egg & Cheese
  • Mushrooms, Egg, Cheese, Italian Tomato sauce & Spinach (V)

We can of course adapt our menu to any dietary or religious requirements: vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, wheat-free or low-gluten, and most Hallal or Kosher requests.

All our galettes are made using 100% buckwheat flour (naturally wheat-free and low-gluten). We can source certified gluten-free flour at your request, however our batters are prepared in the same environment as the crêpes, which contain wheat flour, therefore may contain traces of gluten.

Vegan Menu

Yes, we enjoy doing a few vegan events every year. We use our buckwheat galettes as a base and we create a vegan menu for you. It is always a success! This is just one example of what we can do:

  • Dosa filling galette
  • Spinach or Mushrooms, homemade tomato sauce
  • Spiced sweet potatoes, chick peas, spinach and coriander mix
  • Tomato, onions & mixed peppers
  • Mushrooms, creamy leeks (soya cream)
  • French ratatouille